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Tools & Products for Stainless

Indital USA offers a range of tools and products that may be used on any of our stainless steel railings. Indital USA also offers its own line of degreasers, polishing sprays and high gluing adhesives, which are perfect for use on any of our stainless steel railings. We also offer tools like drill templates and riveting tools that can assist you in building the stainless steel railing of your dreams. Please check out our full tool and product line below. Read More

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Electric Crimping Tool Electric Crimping Tool

Part No: E40680

List Price: $7,043.60
Our Price: 6,123.08
Savings: $920.52
Manual Crimping Tool Manual Crimping Tool

Part No: E40685

List Price: $1,051.60
Our Price: 876.33
Savings: $175.27
Riveting Tool Riveting Tool

Part No: E40590

List Price: $875.08
Our Price: 729.23
Savings: $145.85
De-Rusting Liquid De-Rusting Liquid

Part No: E4052/D

List Price: $194.31
Our Price: 161.93
Savings: $32.38
Passivating Paste Passivating Paste

Part No: E4052/P

List Price: $187.71
Our Price: 156.42
Savings: $31.29
Drilling Template Drilling Template

Part No: E40580

List Price: $165.51
Our Price: 137.92
Savings: $27.59
Shearing Tool for Wire Ropes (Cable Cutter) Shearing Tool for Wire Ropes (Cable Cutter)

Part No: E40690

List Price: $164.31
Our Price: 136.93
Savings: $27.38
Threadlocking Threadlocking

Part No: E4053

List Price: $125.77
Our Price: 104.81
Savings: $20.96
High Gluing Adhesive, 50ml High Gluing Adhesive, 50ml

Part No: E4054

List Price: $103.76
Our Price: 86.47
Savings: $17.29
Wedge Tool Wedge Tool

Part No: E40588

Our Price: 35.57
Polishing Degreaser Spray Polishing Degreaser Spray

Part No: E4052

List Price: $37.08
Our Price: 30.90
Savings: $6.18
Degreaser Spray Degreaser Spray

Part No: E4051

List Price: $23.83
Our Price: 19.85
Savings: $3.98