Do It Yourself Design Ideas || Wrought Iron Component Applications

Working with decorative metal for various home décor applications has been a growing trend among the DIY set in recent years. While most components are used for stairs, railing, fencing, gates, and balconies in commercial, pro applications followers of the trade that have embraced time-honored blacksmithing prefer readily available components to make various furniture, tables, racks, shelving, and wall art in a fraction of the time. Indital USA based in Houston, TX, the distribution arm for wrought iron components manufacturer Industria Italiana Arteferro SPA of Italy, has been providing those exact components for weekend warriors armed with a welder, knowledge, and a passion to create an Old World charm. The applications are endless and limited only by your imagination. After polling, local distributors, and consumers purchasing through the company website some fascinating end-applications have emerged as mainstream projects.

Curtain Rods

Wine Rack

Candle Holders

End Tables

Yard Art


In no particular order Indital USA's first 10 DIY Design Ideas, check back here later as we continue to add more design ideas.

  1. Curtain Rods - Using the Indital USA wrought iron tree bark bar profiles for the rod and accessorizing with grape clusters or forged finials for the end pieces is a classic Spanish, Mediterranean look for the villa. Use handrail brackets to hang your custom made curtain rod.

  2. Wine Racks - Keep it simple using rings and scrolls or go more advanced by incorporating Indital USA wrought iron grape clusters and forged leaves for your wine bottle holders then use decorative vineyard bar stock for framing to create that classic wine cellar piece holding your prized cianti!

  3. Wall Décor - Choose from an assortment of large forged iron scrolls that act as focal point to any foyer revolving around Italian architecture! No need to weld! Just choose, hang, and admire! Or let your creative juices flow...mix and match then paint for a one of a kind piece of art!

  4. Candelabras or Candle Holders - Purchase components from Metal Art and Decorative Parts to make the most elegant or simplistic table accent pieces.

  5. Pot Racks or Kitchen Shelving - Ornate Scrolls along with hammered bar stock provide the frame while decorative chains and forged "C" scrolls act as a hanging mechanism.

  6. Coffee & End Tables - Depending on the height a unique application for end pieces for handrail has been coat racks, lamp frames, and even coffee table legs. Combine with hammered tubing for the frames and hand-forged designer panels or weld wrought iron rosettes together for the inlays.

  7. Armoire Door Handles - Taking a simple forged iron stair baluster and cut 4-6" inside the profile on each side, bend the cut area of the baluster in 2-3", and weld on a section of the decorative flat bar to make that one-of-a-kind door handle. These handles can be Yard Art used for wooden cabinets, armoire, and chests. Make sure you use decorative screws after drilling the holes in the decorative flat bar to attach to that wooden relic.

  8. Decorative Yard Art - All it takes are metal roses, flowers, leaves, and wrought iron bar stock to create your own unique interpretation of a flower garden.

  9. Metal Trellis - By combining bar stock and pierced iron bar for a Mirror lattice effect choose from iron tree bark, vineyard stock, or hammered bar to accent any back yard patio or courtyard to hang plants, grape vines, and cover.

  10. Mirror Frames - Using Indital USA decorative iron flat bar for framing and small wrought iron scrolls for accent pieces brings out a truly old-world artistic piece.
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