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Indital Material Specifications


All components are made of mild, low-carbon grade steel suitable for welding. All products are produced to dimensions yet variances can occur in certain parts thus impacting total weight by part and order. Forgings, often referred to as wrought iron, is a practical material that can be altered to different designs or shapes using simple blacksmithing techniques including heat and hammering. Use Indital USA components “as is” in applications or accessorize with other parts for that unique look. Please keep in mind that all of our wrought iron is unfinished and a protective coating must be applied to reduce any color change.

Powder Coat Stair Parts

Pre-finished or powder coated metal stair parts are suitable for indoor applications ONLY in new build or remodel wood staircases. The coatings do not come UV (ultraviolet) certified nor are they to be used for decking or exterior applications. The coatings are applied through an electro-static process. Please refer to the Forging line of products that can be custom coated for exterior applications. Coating selections vary in hues that offer subtle gold inflections that match beautifully with dark wood packages and designer hardware.

INOX Stainless Steel Systems

Components are made of AISI 304 and 316 as designated by the American Iron and Steel Institute. Stainless steels are metal alloys based on iron, chromium, carbon and other elements such as nickel, molybdenum, manganese, and silicon which makes the material particularly resistant to certain types of corrosion. AISI 304 is the most common grade used in the case of Indital’s INOX product line; typical in most applications serving both exterior and interior applications. AISI 316 is recommended especially for coastal applications where oxidation due to salt water is common thus causing potential rust or damaged parts to your stair or rail system. When working with stainless products it is recommended to minimize contact with residues, dusts, or tools used to previously work with normal iron products. All components are produced to strict, tight tolerances for easy modular assembly.

Galvanized Stair Parts

Components are made of steel with galvanized zinc applied for custom painting or powder coating during or prior to installation. STEELNOX combines the aesthetic lines and designs connected with the INOX line yet offers an affordable alternative for ductility, convenience, and solidity of a galvanized zinc for protection against the elements. Normal rules apply with STEELNOX similar to other iron work. Should items be altered or changed including cuts, holes, or welding it is necessary to restore the galvanization. Please consider using a simple zinc spray. All components are produced to strict, tight tolerances for easy modular assembly. This product can be used for interior or exterior applications.

Torneados Munoz Wood Carved Products

These hand-crafted and carved wood components are made of fine European White Beech, a wood specie offering flexibility for a myriad of staining options. You will notice the lack of mineral and true color consistency throughout each part. When developing a matching handrail and tread package, white hard maple, white oak, and white ash are great complimentary hardwoods. Tolerances for parts are exact with some slight variations in carved sections attributed to individual production. The meticulously crafted pieces of art are perfect for restorations and remodels for traditional residential or commercial projects that yearn for a renaissance period look. Interior applications only.