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INOX Glass Clamp Stair Railing Installation Tutorial

Predrilled posts with glass clamps attached as well as custom drilling are available per request
Combining modern stainless steel with the beauty of glass makes a bold statement. These systems are great in any residential or commercial space and invoke visions of elegance and strength. The stainless and glass combination is also perfect for outdoor use, as the glass allows for the preservation of views.
E0084 Glass Clamp E11204800 Glass ClampEP24204P90 Post EQ24002P Post EP24204P Post

  • Recommended spacing of newel posts for glass applications is every 4 to 5ft
  • Take a look at our predrilled selection of newel posts with either round or square glass clip options (this will take the headache out of you having to drill and tap)
  • Let us know the glass thickness required as there are specific inner rubber sizes needed within the glass clamp to fit
  • Note that we ONLY offer the stainless steel railing and not the glass panels
  • Recommended to contact local glazier glass company to assist with the glass measurements, or you can create a panel template out of plywood or cardboard


Post with pre-drilled hole

  • Start by mounting your floor or side mount newel posts in place every 4 to 5ft
  • Measure out where you want your glass clamps to be set on your posts
  • Predrill and tap your post to fit our stainless steel screw hexagon socket head cap (#E0323 M8 x 25/32”) as this is what attaches the glass clamp to the post
  • Use a 7/32” allen wrench to tighten the E0323 screw into the post

Glass Clamp without gasket Glass Clamp with gasket

  • Make sure the glass clamp backing is either flat for a square post or concave to fit round post
  • Once the #E0323 M8 x 25/32” mounting screw is tightened, now is the time to apply the inner gasket by pushing it into place. Make sure the gasket is specific to the glass size.
  • Majority of our glass clamps come with an inner locking pin. Many do not use as there is sufficient compression with the inner gasket to hold in place; however for additional safety precautions and you do decide to use, please make sure that you create an accurate panel template so you know where the glass will need to be predrilled. The locking pin will fit horizontally within the glass clamp gasket hole and through the glass. This is mainly used in high traffic areas or with balcony overhangs.

Clamping in the pane of glass

  • You will now need to align your glass panel with the inside of glass clamp and get yourself a helper to assist in holding it in place
  • Once aligned, place the outer section of the glass clamp into place with the backing

Use the screws to secure the glass pane

  • Take your allen wrench set and tighten the outer two screws. These screws are what creates the gasket compression to hold the glass in place.
  • Once fully tightened the glass will be locked in and the system will be complete.

Installed glass clamp and pane