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Installing Horizontal Rod Bar System

Round Bar application photoEM2421209 Pre-drilled and assembled PostEQ2401209 Pre-drilled and assembled square Post

Indital’s Inox stainless steel product line is modular, meaning there is no welding needed. All that is needed to connect our various components such as handrail supports into the top of the newel posts or various radius elbows to the handrail is just a few drops of our #E4054 high adhesive glue.

  • Our horizontal rod bar system is very simplistic when it comes to install. We take the headache out of the equation by offering predrilled newel posts with rod bar holders pre-attached at 4” on center to meet code. Each bar holder can pivot 360 degrees and lock into place with a set screw to meet either a flat run or a specific rake angle. The set screw closest to the post is what locks the bar holder into place as well as any angle needed. The most outer set screw from the post is what locks the rod bar into place within the bar holder. Loosen the set screw and you can readjust the rod bar. Posts are recommended at 4ft spacing for the horizontal rod bar application.
  • If you decide on not using our predrilled posts (1-2/3” x 39-3/8”) #EM2421209 for ½” horizontal rods and would rather predrill yourself, you will need to measure out from the bottom and mark every 4” for drilling/tapping to accommodate an M5x1”screw #E0385. This screw is what attaches the back portion of the bar holder (#E0069) to the post.

Screw fixture into drilled post

  • Place rod bar holder (#E0069) over the outer screw head and backing, making sure the set screws on the bar holder are facing down. Turn and adjust bar holder to desired rake angle if needed. Once done, tighten the back set screw to lock into place.

Attach Bar Holder to Screw

  • Once bar holder is set in place, please insert the rod bar (#E005/6000) through the bar holder and then tighten the outer set screw to keep it from sliding.

Insert Round Bar through Holder

  • We also offer custom predrilling & tapping of any newel posts per request

E0069 Round Bar fitting E005-6000 Round Bar